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    Zip Code in Contacts (Outlook 2000)

    I have about 200 contacts that the zip code have changed. Is there a find and replace feature in Outlook? I can't see it. Is there a way to do it in Outlook? Or do you have to export it to excel, make changes, then import them back into Outlook?? help!!

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    Re: Zip Code in Contacts (Outlook 2000)

    Below are the steps I step up in a FAQ for our company. It's taken from a MS FAQ.

    MS Outlook: Best Practice

    How to Make a Global Change to a Group of Contacts

    Summary or Problem

    Have you ever needed to enter the same data in a contact field for a lot of contacts? Outlook provides a way to do this. But you need to be able to group your contacts on existing data in some field for this to work. For example, you can make a global change to all the contacts of a company whose telephone number has changed. They all have the old number (you group on this) and you'll change it to a new number.

    More Information or Steps or Cause

    There are three steps to this process:

    Group the Contact by the field you want to change.
    Make the change to one of the contacts in the group.
    Propagate the change to the rest of the group.


    Group the Contacts by the Field You Want to Change
    Click the folder containing the contacts you want to change.
    On the View menu, point to Current View and click one of the views, such as By Company.
    On the View menu, point to Current View and click Customize Current View.
    In the View Summary dialog box, click Group By.
    In the Group By dialog box, click Clear All.
    In the Group Items By list, click the field you want to change.
    In the Expand/Collapse Defaults list, click All Collapsed.
    Click OK twice.

    Outlook groups all your contacts by the field you want to change.

    Make the Change to One of the Contacts in the Group
    Expand the group that you want to change by clicking the plus sign on the gray Group bar.
    Open the first contact in the group and make your changes.
    Save and close the contact.
    The changed contact is now in a group of its own.

    Propagate the Change to the Rest of the Group
    Drag the gray grouping bar containing the original information to the gray grouping bar that contains the new information.

    All contacts with the old information are updated with the new information.

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