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    Internet address redirection in IE9 and Firefox

    Hello again, colleagues all!
    First of all, a big thank you to the office guys for their very kind birthday wishes.
    I have done occasional business with an Oklahoma company whose internet address is Recently, I bought some watches online and the account came to Paypal through a billing agency. The goods arrived in due cause, but they did not conform exactly to the invoice. I tried to contact slapwatch, but every time I tried to reach their internet address, the address changed to another one, which was (a site in Australia, where I live). Because of the indirection of the account and the error, I thought that the misbehaviour of both my browsers might actually be directed at Slapwatch, to impede there sales.
    I was able to contact them via a private message on Facebook and received a prompt reply saying that the internet address I was seeing was the address of an Australian subsidiary which was now closed and the address cancelled. It was suggested to me that the problem might simply lie with some longstanding cookies which had read their address in conjunction with the US one and was being activated in some way.
    I have run several cleanup programs (CCleaner and Winzip Malware Protector, to name but two) which claim to remove temporary internet files and cookies. Unfortunately, the problem persists and I am concerned that any infection may spread to other internet operations. Can any of you clever people out there suggest a solution. Incidentally, I have just acquired the Windows Secrets books on Windows 7 maintenance. I did a quick keyword search, but nothing came up. A pointer to any relevant info in those encyclopedias would be helpful.

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    Do you get any redirects when trying to access any other websites ?

    AdwCleaner will root any Toolbars that you may have picked up.

    As that subsidiary has closed down, which Slapwatch site do you now need to contact ?

    Rather than using a direct URL, Google for slapwatch - location and that should give better options.

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    It is even possible that the web site is detecting your browser's language or IP and redirecting you automatically. I would say that is way more likely than anything else.

    What language do you use as default, in your browser? Can you try a VPN or download Tor to get a different IP and try it from there?

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