I don't know what I was thinking. I connected Outlook 2010 to iCloud. Now I have to use the iCloud data file (not recommended by Outlook) to get any of my Calendar or Contact information. Even using the iCloud data file, I still can't get the calendar on my to-do bar to show any of my pending engagements in bold-face.
Even upgrading to Outlook 2013 (365) had no effect. I spent three hours with a Microsoft tech and another hour with Apple. All are stymied, blaming the other. All I got out of it is that iCloud causes my original data file(s) to lose the Calendar and Contacts, sending them God knows where. Microsoft said the information had to be retrieved from the Apple format into a csv format. Apple tried to do this but found there was no way.
I'd just as soon get rid of iCloud but I'm concerned all my Calendar and Contact info will be irretrievably lost.
Anybody have any ideas, suggestions, or work-arounds?