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    Format for Pivot Table to Hide the "(blank)" result

    How can I hide the "(blank)" results in a pivot table when the field data are empty?

    I have created a table of results by placing the data fields in only Row Labels. Its a list of customers - I'm trying to print the list to show which customers haven't provided us with an email address. The list would look better without all the "(blank)" results.

    Since the field is text, the Number Format options button doesn't appear so that's not an option.

    I should have looked just a bit further. I found my answer by trying the Conditional Formatting option "Format only cells that contain" and the I entered "(blank)" in the rule description.
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    You can also filer on that field list in the pivot table and uncheck the "blanks" to not display it. [select any of the items in the list and pick the filter]


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