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    Choosing computer components - memory

    My old...ancient Asus M2NPV-VM motherboard with its AMD Athelon64 X2 processor has finally given up the ghost after probably 7 years of use. My case is still good, power supply was tested a few days ago, I upgraded to SATA hardware a few years ago, so now I want to build something new, recycling as much as I can. Update budget is $300 USD

    I'm looking at:
    MSI FM2-A77MA-E35 - it will fit my existing Micro ATX case
    AMD A-10-5800K processor - 6 cores at a great price
    Memory - Here I'm stumped. I originally thought to fill it up with 16GB of PNY XLR8 DDR3 1600 memory, but wonder if I'm not better off getting 8GB of something faster. When I look at the fastest DDR3 memory, I notice that CAS jumps from the 7-9 range up to 11 and 12, am I misunderstanding, isn't lower better?

    I am not doing hardcore gaming, some stuff in Sketchup, probably the most demanding task I'll do is wanting to devote 4 or 5 of those processors to running Boinc datasets 100% of the time. This is probably what most of the processor time for the last 7 years has been devoted to. I'm looking for longevity, another system that I will be content with for 5 years.

    Next upgrade with be a SSD and possibly a dedicated video card, again tailored towards maximizing Boinc datasets.

    Any advice appreciated.

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    Is that not an A75MA-E35 as Crucial's Memory Advisor doesn't have an A77MA-E35 listed which gives with a CL 9.

    You could Google for 2x4GB for those module types or ask Crucial if they could supply them.
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    Lower CAS is faster, It'll depend a lot on what your motherboard will accept too, so look around and do your homework.
    I doubt you'll notice much, or any performance difference between the ratings.

    DDR3@1600 or greater is my rule. 16GB is probably overkill for you. I think 8-12GB is the sweet spot, running no less than 1600.
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