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    Angry tabbing using field codes

    Good morning,

    I have the following mail merge code. I need for it to separate the items in the repeating data with tabs so that they align with the columns. I am sure this is not difficult but it is driving me crazy and I am running out of time. I tried inserting tabs between the MERGEFIELDS but then the other data becomes mis-aligned so I must not be doing something right. Please Please help. Also the information at the top of the doc will have to be populated from a specific row in the csv probably the first row of the csv. If this the correct way to do this. The concept is that I have a main table with information and then there are 5 other tables related to this main table that have a one to many relationship with the main table so I need to show the data from the main table and the related tables in one document in logical order.
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    Your attached document contains no fields of any kind in the body and only some simple PAGE & DATE fields in the footer.

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