I need to read several pages from a website in VBA behind an excel 2010 spreadsheet. What I am doing is reading a base page, from that I select a competition then select a division from that page to get results. I want to extract those results for each division to produce a competition ladder.

I have worked out how to do this except for one problem: because of intensive activity from a Chinese site some time ago, the owners have now restricted access to very few pages at a time unless the user is logged on.

I think I have worked out how to log on in VBA and get back the relevant cookie. What I have not yet been able to work out is how to pass that cookie with subsequent accesses so that my accesses are accepted as authenticated.

Can anyone tell me how to pass a cookie with requests for web pages in VBA? Alternatively, can anyone tell me where I find an explanation of how the web access works in VBA? I have gleaned what I have got from examples I have found and a bit of extrapolation. I have not found much that is written in plain english about what is required.

To summarise:
I have a cookie received from the logon.
I need to be able to pass that with subsequent webpage requests so that they will be accepted as authenticated requests.