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    how to have two domains under AD? Urgent Help

    I am new to the AD.
    Senerio: I have one domain running in work environment but we just changed to, I want to keep both domain but want to add another domain also.
    How exactly i have to do it. I have no problem creating another server.

    Thanks in advance.

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    You can't do it easily, you need to create a new domain and set up trust relationships. The alternative is to rename the domain but you need a recent version of Windows server and there will be lots of issues with the PCs that connect to the domain.

    If all you want to do is handle mail for the new domain then you can easily make the change in your email server and leave the domain name as is.

    Where do you want the new domain to appear, on the internet, in email, in AD?

    cheers, Paul

    p.s. writing urgent in the title won't make it happen any quicker, we're all volunteers here.

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