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    The slow green bar

    What is happening when a hard drive which used to load quickly in Windows Explorer instead shows a slowly lengthening green bar at the top of the Explorer window and may take as long as a couple of minutes before icons appear and I can access folders and files? The drive in question happens to be a 500GB PATA drive in an external enclosure, but i'm not sure that makes any difference -- other than the process whatever it is might be faster with a faster connection. But, as i said, loading used to be instant -- after all, all that should need to be happening is reading the directory. Some kind of check or scan is running but I have no idea what or why.
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    Which view setting are you using?

    If you have chosen to show thumbnails of icons it will take time.

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    Try properties>customize for the top level folders on the drive and switch them all to optimize folders for documents and include all subfolders and apply. If that speeds it back up then go back in and change just the folders you want to have optimized for something else like video or photos.
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    I take it that you've checked that the disk isn't failing. I had a (internal) disk which was failing and it didn't go with a bang, but rather the whole PC went slow. Fixed it with a new HDD. I must try and connect that old drive and see if it can be fixed by chkdsk or similar (it's still in the PC but not connected).

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