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    AddNew Error (Access 2000)

    I am in a pickle. I constantly get the error message UpDate or CancelUpdate without AddNew or Edit. The trouble is that I can

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    Re: AddNew Error (Access 2000)

    If you have 15 pages of code for a single routine, you definitely have your work cut out for you just maintaining it, let alone debugging it.

    What do you mean you get the message on certain customers? Is this a database you're running and are customers records for a customer? Offhand, I would suspect that you have conditional branches in your code that results in one routine stepping on another. If your code isn't adequately error trapped, you can wind up skipping over sections of code as a result of an error that lands you in a completely different routine.

    If you can't post the relevant code, all we can do is guess. I would suggest you use a Ctrl-Break when you get that message and see what portion of the code it breaks into. If the error occurred at a lower level and got passed back to the first error handling found, it's going to be very difficult to determine where it actually occurred without stepping through the entire process a line at a time.

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