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    Diagnostic help ?? New SSD Install - now it's chirping every 30" !

    I just "moved in to" a SSD, did a clean install of Win 7 x64, and have a handful of programs loaded now too.

    This puter has started chirping "ba-Dah" every 30 seconds, more or less. it seems to be re-doing a scan of some sort, relentlessly ... it's the same sound you get when you plug in a thumb drive, or some plug n play thing. so i wonder if maybe it's checking plug n play all the time. i am not sure when this started (but it's driving me nuts ! ) it is through the speakers, the system audio (not through the mobo's speaker).

    i looked at Eventvwr, and at Task Scheduler. Nothing is scheduled, and to be honest i have no idea what to look for, or how, in eventvwr. it just seemed like a place to look. i looked at services.msc, too - i thought i might just start turning off services, seeing if that stopped the ba-Dah, then turn them back when they seemed ok, and so on as i went down the list.

    but i stopped ... and thought, i bet someone has a MUCH better idea than that !! so i thought i'd ask for HELP !!!

    i'll be happy to report back on any logs or whatever you want to direct me to check out ... but the noise ............. AAAHHHHhhhhhhhhh

    TY for any help !!

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    Did you install anything else, change any cables etc? Maybe you have a bad connection.
    Open "Device Manager" and see if anything is coming and going. (Start > Run > devmgmt.msc)

    cheers, Paul

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