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    Select MS Outlook Theme from Access VBA

    I build MS Access databases for small businesses. Generating emails from within Access is no problem - I can even use Access VBA to select specific email accounts and email signatures. However, I have not been able to find a way to use Access VBA to select a Theme that was set up in Outlook. If I create a Theme using the Outlook 2010 menu selections: Options / Mail / Stationery and Fonts / Theme, that theme is present every time I generate a new email from within Outlook. But if I generate a new email via Access VBA, that theme is no longer present - the email that VBA generates has no Theme. What Access VBA code do I need to use to select an Outlook Theme - even just the default Outlook Theme?

    One thought is that if someone knows the keyboard shortcuts to select an Outlook Theme, I can do the rest. I can use SendKeys. But if there is a more sophisticated way of making the Theme appear on emails generated by Access VBA, I am eager to learn.

    I am using Access 2010, by the way.

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    What you are dealing with appears to be an Office issue, not an Outlook or Access issue. Themes are related to Office and Word, and I cannot find any suggestion that the theme being applied to an Outlook email is exposed in the Outlook object model. You can do some specific formatting as suggested in the article Use Word Macro to Apply Formatting to Outlook Email but it doesn't involve using a theme. You might try the Outlook forum here and see if there is any experience with themes - seems they have been around since at least Office 2007.

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