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    Integrating Endnote

    When I try to move cites to Endnote, it doesn't distinguish between authors and Corporate Authors. In trying to resolve this, they wrote:
    While the increased number of X7 reference types may account for the reference type reassignment in light of your recent postings the central problem seems to be that Word exports author names and corporation names as separate fields. EndNote’s import filter only registers the individual author field so is ignoring the corporation name field.

    It might be possible to tweak either-or-both the exported Word bibliography and EndNote import filter but need to see the.exported Word bibliography. What file formats can the Word bibliography be exported to? Can you attach samples containing references of author names and corporation names?
    Is there a way?

    Chuck Billow
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    Hi Chuck,

    I don't use EndNote, but you can export Word's bibliographies to a document using:
    Sub SourcesExport()
    Dim oSrc As Source, StrSrc As String
    With ActiveDocument
      .Range.Text = vbNullString
      For Each oSrc In Application.Bibliography.Sources
        StrSrc = StrSrc & vbCr & oSrc.XML
      .Range.InsertAfter StrSrc
    End With
    End Sub
    That should make the structure plain enough.

    See also:
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    Paul Edstein
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