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    Hi Sudo15 and thanks. I have switched back and forth between flashpeak an IE all day; facebook and other sites. Just recently the message in question again came up on flashpeak browser while I was on facebook. It, thus far, has not come up on IE. I copied the entire message, googled it, and found that computer know-nothings like me have been asking technical folks like you about the message for years. I scanned a few instances of techies explaining reason to know-nothings and AM PRETTY SURE it is about Active X and FOR MY PURPOSES I can just continue to ignore. Man, the technical responses are so near impossible for me to even follow. Even saw words I have never heard, ex: instantiate.

    Sorry if I seemed to be a bother. Thank you.

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    First of all, no bother

    Yes, I had to look that word up and according to the British Oxford Dictionary it means represent as or by an instance (and I'm still no wiser )

    It seemed to be such an obscure prompt for an add-on, how would anyone know which one to enable although I often get An add-on failed for this website, which is about on a par with yours and which I also ignore, but at least you've finally managed to get some sort of answer.

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    'Instantiate', in Object Oriented Programming:
    You create, or realize (instantiate) a real thing (Object) from not-real, abstract thing (Template, Class, computer process ...).

    For example, fill an empty data base with some data. The original empty data base is sort of like a template (abstract). Once filled with data, it is 'real Object', you can act on it.
    This creation of real object from abstract object is instantiation.
    Maybe I actually muddy it further. Well ... I'll leave it at that.

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