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    Which Version Of Jet? (All)

    How can I tell which version of Jet is being used for a particular

    For example, I have had to deploy a runtime Access 97 application to
    an Office 2000 PC. Will the application be using Jet 3.5 (which I
    think seems to have been installed as part of the package), or will it
    use the latest version of Jet - i.e. Jet 4, which has been installed
    as part of Office 2000?

    Along the same lines - I have Access 2 and Access 97 installed on my
    development PC. Will each version use it's own version of Jet or will
    they both use the latest version available?

    Thank you for any info/advice that you are able to offer.


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    Re: Which Version Of Jet? (All)

    You have to tell the system which version of the Access executable to run when it opens a database. If you deploy a runtime 97 app, you need to also deploy a shortcut for it that calls the 97 runtime executable. Windows will always try to open an Access database with the last version of Msaccess.exe that was used to open any database.

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