I am exploring synching my Outlook 2003 (which runs on my desktop using a .PST file) with Outlook.com - primarily so I can see my Outlook stuff on my Samsung smart-phone (and no, I do not want to convert my stuff to Google nor use Samsung Kies, which has already fouled up my task descriptions).

I've got the Outlook Connector running and attempted to load some contacts into the Contacts in the folders created by the OL Connector. They went up to Outlook.com but a very swift check showed a number of fields didn't go up.

http://www.msoutlook.info/question/854 gives details of what doesn't get sent up but is not wholly clear on what happens to the data in Outlook that isn't sent up. Since these include Categories, which I use extensively, I am concerned. Seems to me this is the risk scenario
- say that I have a contact on my desktop with a category (or a spouse or ...);
- they get synched to Outlook.com without that data;
- something updates that person in Outlook.com;
- the revised version comes back without the category, etc.;
- the synch deletes the category, etc. from the data on my desktop.

Anyone care to comment on how likely this failure is?

I could maybe move most of that stuff into the notes for the contact on my desktop Outlook, but could really do with a means of reminding me not to fill those fields in again. Anyone got any suggestions on that score?