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    Can't get Outlook to send PPT pres. for review (Outlook and PowerPoint XP)

    I tried to send a presentation to someone for reviewing. In PowerPoint, I clicked Send To and then Mail Recipient (for Review). The message window opened, and my presentation was attached to the message like it was supposed to be. I entered the e-mail address of the person and clicked Send after connecting to the Internet. After I opened Outlook, the message appeared in my Outbox, so I opened it and clicked Send. It looked like it was doing something, but my message didn't appear in the Sent Items folder, and the person I tried to send it to didn't receive it. I wonder if this has something to do with the fact that my default e-mail is usually Outlook Express, and I had just changed to Outlook in the Tools-->Internet Options-->Programs dialog box. Maybe I should have rebooted after I changed to Outlook? Please help!

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    Re: Can't get Outlook to send PPT pres. for review (Outlook and PowerPoint

    Are you in the Plain Text mode when sending this file?

    How large is it, and is it to large for either e-mail provider to handle?

    Have you set up your E-mail account and provider in Outlook?

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