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    Copying table of contact info from Outlook Contact (2000)

    OK -- I can shift click row-by-row and copy -- (no I can't select all) I can paste the mess into Excel, but when I paste into word it pastes icons of each contact into an e-mail which Word has derived without any prompting from me. It pastes the contact icons into the address line, so it is not good as an e-mail and it is not good as a table, which is what I want to create (for later use as a mail merge.) <img src=/S/brickwall.gif border=0 alt=brickwall width=25 height=15> Thanks!!

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    Re: Copying table of contact info from Outlook Contact (2000)

    Well, I read Woody's newsletter to say this:
    <hr> Switch to Word and place the insertion point where you want the info to go. From the menu, choose Edit | Paste Special then Unformatted Text (or Unformatted Unicode text if you need it) and OK.

    A horrible mess will appear in your document, your precious information is all over the place. Never fear, we're not finished.

    Highlight all the text you just pasted in then go to Table | Convert | Text to Table. All the setting displayed in the convert dialog should be OK except for 'Separate Text at' needs to be changed to 'Tabs'. When you click OK you'll see all your info formatted into a nice table. Regardless of what you've chosen Outlook will also include column headings (a nice touch). Once it's in a table you can treat it like any other table, use AutoFormat, change the column widths etc.<hr>
    So, the first question is, are you right-clicking and selecting Edit | Paste Special?

    As for selecting all items, be sure that at least one item in the list is highlighted and therefore active. I couldn't find anywhere in Outlook that the trusty CTRL+A shortcut didn't work as long as I follow this rule.

    And a small Lounge etiquette matter, your further question would have fit nicely as a reply to any of the reply posts to your first question, rather than creating a whole new post. That way we all know where the discussion is going.

    Hope that helps!

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