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    Access Developer Extensions ... problems with Windows 7

    Good day.

    Try as I might, I've been unable to resolve this issue. Hoping someone with better smarts might be able to. We have Access databases that are under VSS (sigh, I know) control through the developer extensions. On Windows XP, everything worked normally.

    On Windows 7, not so much. To enable prompting for a VSS database, I had to turn off UAC (we have multiple VSS databases).

    The new problem now is that everytime I attempt to create a project from VSS (using add-on), Access crashes. No exceptions. The resulting database only has tables ... no modules, forms, etc.

    Any ideas? Anyone successfully using the 2007 Developer Extensions, VSS and Windows 7?

    Thanks in advance.

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    My experience with using VSS is over a decade old, so I can't offer any direct help or suggestions. However, it does seem other people have noted some similar issues - and apparently there is a "hotfix" which might be appropriate in your case if you haven't applied it. See KB976375 - TFS: VSS integration with VS 2010 that might be appropriate although its focus is Visual Studio rather than Access. There is also a short tutorial Integrating VSS with Access 2007 that has some comments about user problems. Another issue to check is to make sure that you have the latest service packs (SP3) for Office 2007 applied - details are here. Unfortunately, the bottom line is that VSS no longer has mainstream support as of 10 July 2012, and all support ends in 2017.

    The product Team Foundation Server is now the recommended Microsoft source control product for small development teams - see Visual Studio Team Foundation Server Express 2013 for details and download info. It's not clear to me how well it will integrate with Access however. Let us know how you fare with it - I suspect most Access developer teams are working without source control these days.

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