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    Text support, back support, and tech support


    Text support, back support, and tech support

    By Michael Lasky

    It's well documented that sitting too long in front of a PC can be hazardous to your health. Fortunately, new products can help relieve wrist and back pain; plus, three books that can help Windows 8 users get the most out of their OS.

    The full text of this column is posted at (paid content, opens in a new window/tab).

    Columnists typically cannot reply to comments here, but do incorporate the best tips into future columns.

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    Great article on keyboards! I use the Logitech Illuminated that replaced my venerable KeyTronic that died after years of faithful service, and it's great for my touch-typing. The only thing I wish it had is better tactile bumps on the home-row J & K keys. They put shallow hyphen-bumps on the bottom of those keys, and I often have to look at my hands to ensure they're in the home position. Maybe I'll invent some stick-ons with better tactile feedback.

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