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    I want to decide what is in my System Tray

    Win XP sp3.
    I need to remove some ikons from the system tray and put others there, but I can't justify SysTrayX install cost & tax & trouble renewing. Specially since I don't know what I'll be using when I leave WinXP.
    Also I don't know whether SysTrayX does allow me to add to the tray.
    Furthermore: As soon as I rebooted immediately after installing the shareware version of SysTrayX I was presented with two alerts telling me that the evaluation period had expired.

    Is there a non-microsoft alternative to the Tray?
    [I think it shouldn't have been too difficult to replace with a more versatile tool.]

    If not, is there an alternative to SysTrayX?

    Does Win7 or any Linus implementation or other OS running 32bit Windows software provide a good alternative?
    All help gratefully received!

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    I'd try the free version of WinPatrol to manage any unwanted startups and squeeze down the space allowed by the Systray, I use the Plus version:

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