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    Promise controller & 32bit win 7

    I am using win xp, with a Promise Ultra 133 tx board. I have a sata drive connected via a Sata to Ide adapter board that mounts to the sata drive, which then connects via the Promise Ide port. I boot off this WD 1TB drive, and it is the only drive I use.

    Now that I may have to go to Win 7 (I'm afraid lots of software will stop supporting XP, like Turbo tax for 2014) I have read that the Vista driver can be used as the driver for the 32bit Win 7. But everything I've seen assumes Win 7 is already installed. Obviously, I need to install the driver using F6 as Win 7 installs from the CD/DVD. I don't know if this is possible, or which files are needed from the Ultra133 TX2 windows logo driver. I hope these can be put on a USB drive, and loaded at the F6 point in the clean install of Win 7 32bit.

    Has anyone done this, and how?

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    I doubt your software will stop working on XP - there isn't anything specific to W7/8 that "normal" programs are going to use. This will give you plenty of time to update your hardware and pick up a new OS.

    Drivers required for Windows installation can usually be downloaded from the manufacturers web site and consist of a number of files and possible directories, the most important of which is a file called OEM.INF, which contains the driver installation instructions that Windows uses. If you only have the setup program you can extract the files by following these instructions.

    cheers, Paul

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