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    Sum A Group Of 7 Rows On A Second Worksheet

    I hope I can explain this so that someone can assist.

    I have two worksheets, on worksheet 1 I have Column A (dates) and Column B (amounts). On worksheet 2 in cell A1, I need to sum column B rows 1-7 (week’s one totals) from worksheet 1, in cell A2 I need to sum Column B rows 7-14 (week’s two totals). I have almost 5-years’ worth data (approx. 260 weeks).

    I would like to have a formula in cell A1 (worksheet 2) that I can copy/paste for the remaining 259 weeks. I’ve tried using =SUM('Worksheet1'!A1:A7) but when copy it to cell A2 the range (rows) changes to A2:A8, it’s just shifts down one row, not the seven rows (A8:A14) that I was hoping. So I would have to adjust the formula for remaining rows.

    This is time consuming to adjust the formula for remaining cells and it’s not practical because I also have amounts in Columns C – CK on worksheet 1 that I need to sums each week on worksheet 2 as well.

    If I can get the correct formula for cell A1, then I can adjust it for the remaining cells in row 1 (C-CK) and then copy and paste row 1 formulas for the remaining 259 rows.

    Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

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    In Sheet2!A1:

    This can be copied down the column and also across the rows to pick up the other columns.


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