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    Lenovo Support states "Known issues with Win 8.1" for Desktop H520, others.

    I have a Lenovo Desktop Model H520 with OEM Win 8.

    First, and maybe after an upgrade to Win 8.1, (no proof) I lost the ability to boot to bios.

    First solution: Lenovo arranged for my PC, still under warranty, to return to the service center for repairs. Service department notes claimed 'bad hard drive drive, replaced the hard drive.' Anybody wish they had good back ups?

    Second, received the machine back at home. I am sure I had a wireless connection at that time. I again upgraded to Win 8.1. Then, I lost the wireless lan device. Unable to recover or download any wireless drivers to and from "D" drive. After hard drive replacement "D" drive no longer exits. No single or combination download of drivers from support.lenovo worked. "Windows reports this device has stopped responding."

    Second solution: I rolled back using Lenovo one key restore to the original setup. Called Lenovo technical support. Re-downloaded the appropriate driver from the web. Refreshed the hardware and bingo- wireless was back.

    Third- Not yet realizing win 8.1 was the problem I re-upgraded to Win 8.1. Lost the wireless again. Tried what I could think of, including what I had observed the technician do the first time with remote assistance. Nope, no good. Called tech support.

    Third Solution: "Sorry sir, Win 8.1 has known issues with Lenovo. Lenovo suggests you not upgrade to Win 8.1 and, oh, by the way, your "d" drive (apparently an original driver recovery storage partition) is missing!"

    Finally, rollback to Win 8. I let Lenovo repartition a 'new' D: drive and now I'm waiting for their driver recovery CD to come in the mail.

    Fourth- re: unable to boot to bios. The Microsoft wireless keyboard 4000, Model 1045 that I am using will not function to allow pressing F-1 (or any F key) to boot to bios.

    fourth solution: I have to use the OEM keyboard to boot to bios.

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    A bit surprisingly, Windows 8.1 does require new drivers for some hardware, so it seems, in your case, it's simply best to avoid it, at least for now. I also experienced some issues with my wireless driver, which led me to get a USB wired network adapter, so unreliable was the wireless performance with Windows 8.1.

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