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    Addressing controls on Continous Forms form (2000 SR-1)

    I have a Continous Forms form with multiple records and controls in the Detail section. One control is a combo box. I would like to be able to set the value of each combo box to an empty string when the form is opened. Currently some of the combo boxes show undesirable data. If I try

    Me!cboUser = ""

    in Form_Load, it just clears the first combo box. Using a Tag didn't work either. Is there a way to individually address controls on a Continous Forms form? Thanks in advance,

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    Re: Addressing controls on Continous Forms form (2000 SR-1)

    Is the combobox bound or unbound? If some of them show data, that suggests that it's bound. In that case, "clearing" it can have the undesireable side effect of changing the value stored in the bound field of the current record.

    You can't change instances of a combobox in a continuous form like that because there is really only one of them on the form, and you're just seeing the way that single control looks in multiple records. Tell us what it is you're trying to accomplish by removing the value from the combobox and someone can probably help you. However, see the caution above if it's a bound control.

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