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    Win 7 sp1 Bootmgr missing

    I have a Dell Inspiron 17r N7110 Windows 7 sp1
    Since this problem started, I am able to start using Hiren's 15.1 option load vista/win7 bootmgr from my usb. My system runs like normal until I remove usb and try to boot from harddrive. Thats when Bootmgr missing press ctrl-alt-delete to restart.
    Here is what I have done so far.
    Booted from System Repair Disk, selected auto repair system, didn't work, then went to command prompt and typed the following.
    bootrec /fixboot, after restart same problem. Then typed
    bootrec /rebuildbcd, came back- successfully scanned Win installations, total identified Win installations:0. Followed instructions and then typed,
    bcdedit /export c:\bcdbackup, operation completed successfully. Then typed,
    attrib c:\boot\bcd -h -r -s, then typed,
    ren c:\boot\bcd bcd.old, then typed,
    bootrec /rebuildbcd, ok add to boot list,yes-completed successfully.
    Restarted computer, Bootmgr missing. Any idea on what to do next?

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    It's looks like a situation where some of your boot components got (erroneously) transferred to the USB drive
    where they have no business being resident.

    The Windows 7 DVD or bootable repair disk should easily rectify this, just make sure that your USB drive is not attached.
    If not, follow these instructions.

    The boot files on the USB drive should be hunted down and deleted prior to normal usage and once the bootfiles are firmly associated with the proper active partition.

    If you have more than one internal drive and or multiple partitions you can use Diskpart to identify and ensure your primary
    drive or partition is the "active" one.

    Using DISKPART to Set the Windows Partition Active:

    If you are not using BootIt BM, DISKPART can be used from the Repair Disc to set the Windows partition active.
    1.Boot to the Repair Disc and run the Command Prompt (reference Steps 1 though 4 in Note B, if necessary).
    2.Start DISKPART by running the following command:
    3.DISKPART will start and you will be at the "DISKPART>" prompt.
    4.List the drives by running the following command:
    list disk
    5.The installed drives will be listed, starting with Disk 0. In most cases, Disk 0 is the booting drive and also the drive containing the booting partition. You need to select the drive that contains the partition which needs to be set active. In this example, that is Disk 0. Select the appropriate drive by running the following command:
    select disk 0
    6.The next step is to select the partition. To see the list of partitions on the drive, run the following command:
    list partition
    7.Select the partition which needs to be set active. In this example, Partition 2 is the desired partition.
    select partition 2
    8.Set the selected partition active by running the following command:
    9.Finally, exit DISKPART:

    Some other options to consider:
    How to Move Windows Boot Manager:
    Windows command line utility:
    Type "bcdboot c:\windows /s d:" into the prompt. In this example, the boot manager is copied from the "C" drive to the "D" drive. Replace the drive letters in this command with the letters that correspond to your system setup.

    bcdboot D:\windows /s C:
    bcdboot c:\windows /s c:
    bcdboot c:\Windows /s c: /l en-us

    bcdboot c:\windows /s partition=\Device\HarddiskVolume1
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    Thanks Clint, you were right about files on usb. I unplugged all usbs, booted from system restore disk, clicked auto repair, rebooted all is fine now.
    Feel pretty dumb that happened. All I was trying to do was load Hiren's Boot Disk to usb and have it boot. Don't know what happened. Burned iso to usb, believe I used gub4dos, after you know the story.

    Thanks again John

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