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    8.1 stopped syncing settings

    I have an HP desktop with Windows 8.1. Works perfectly (most of the time). I also have a Lenovo laptop witu 8.1. I can sync the lock screen, the desktop background, etc, between the two. Been doing that for some time. I just bought a Dell Venue Pro 8.1 and set it up and it sync'd fine. I did some updates from Dell and Windows Update and now the Dell won't display the correct lock screen at startup, though when I go into settings, it does display the correct lock screen. The same with the Desktop Backgrounds; it displays correctly in the settings, but not on the desktop. It's driving me nuts. Any idea why this should happen? Also, now the HP desktop doesn't display the correct background on the desktop, but does in settings. Is there some way to "reset" syncing of settings?
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