Hey Y'all,

Just thought I'd relate a recent experience with Windows Update.

I have 3 Win 7 HP installs, 2 on my laptop (one w/Office 2003 Pro & one w/Office 2010 Pro), and 1 on my standby desktop that dual boots Win 7 HP (Office 2010 Pro) and Win 8.0 Pro (of no concern to this discussion).

The following updates:
KB2775360 (PP 2010 32-bit)
KB2687567 (OL 2010 32-bit)
KB2898864 (.net)
KB2858725 (.net)

Would not install on the desktop but the installed just fine on the Laptop. I tried everything I could think of including the Trouble shooter, Installer fixer, etc.

Finally I tried to fix it this way:
  1. Restore an image backup (Win 7 HP OS partition only) from 2 Months back ( I had newer ones but since this was my backup machine I wanted to make sure I got behind anything that might be causing the problem especially since I had manually installed PowerShell 4.0 & .Net 4.51).
  2. I turned off Automatic Updates.
  3. Let Windows search for updates.
  4. Applied all the Windows Updates, REBOOT, check WU, Re-Imaged Win 7 HP OS partition.
  5. Applied all the Office Updates, REBOOT, check WU, Re-Imaged Win 7 HP OS partition.
  6. Applied the .net updates by version, oldest first, and REBOOTED after each, check WU, ReImaged Win 7 HP OS partition.

Now all the updates are successfully installed including .net 4.51 and all its subsequent updates. I have, however, not installed PS 4.0 yet. This took me about 4 hours, most of it in re-imaging for safety. A lot quicker than a reinstall. All I have left to do now is run PSI and update the appropriate applications.

As my friend Medico says Image, Image, Image!