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    What happens between turn on and log in?

    My hard drive is active from the time I turn the computer on and it remains so for some time if left alone. I expect most of us log in immediately, but what happens before that may affect the real question I have, which is:

    Is there any benefit to be had from assigning different Users (or usernames) to different and specialized activities?

    I have resource-guzzling graphics applications as well as standard Office applications as well as browsing activities and so on. Browsing is recommended for a Standard user for safety, but I would like to leave something like graphics out of the mix entirely unless I am using it, and when I do use it I want all the resources I can get. Would it make sense to create a separate graphics user, with its own start-up options, or would all the same programs be running anyway?

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    Are your graphics programs started automatically?

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    The main reason to have separate users is to keep each user's data separate. And to allow each user to customize their settings. I suspect that you could set up a "non-graphics" user to have lower power settings and thus better battery life. But even that user would have graphics capabilities because without them you wouldn't see the desktop - even running a browser on office program uses graphics.

    As far as applications running, there are many that will run no matter what - you can use autoruns from sysinternals to view what gets run on startup, some things are run globally (for every user) others are started per user.

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