I've been a user of both of these products for route planning, rather than navigation, for many years. When planning motorcycle rideouts in particular, I would plan the route and print maps (enough for all riders in the group) to allow everyone to enjoy their own pace and stops if they prefer. When I moved from the UK to the US, I switched from AR (UK/Europe version) to S&T (which appears to be the identical software but with US maps). Unlike most MS apps, they don't appear to have much backwards- or cross- compatibility, between version or packages. So I had both apps installed and all was well in my world.

Now I've been through a few system upgrades and not used either app for a couple of years. I was going to re-install them but can't find the media for one and the key for the other Never mind, I'll just buy the latest version - I should probably update anyway as they're both from the early noughties

Now I find that the price is somewhat hard to justify for the number of times I'll use them, especially the UK version, but I would REALLY like to be able to open the old route files. So, enough of the preamble...

Has anyone of you good folks come across an alternate way of reading these older files? I'd happily convert them to an alternative app is I can find one (failed so far) or just to print the old routes so I can recreate them in Google maps or similar.