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    why is Windows Search (Win 7) suddenly very slow?

    One of the handiest features of Windows 7 for me is the ability to launch a program by clicking on the Windows orb, typing a few characters of the name of the program I want, then clicking on its name as it gets listed in the Search pane. It saves going through menus or trying to remember shortcut key combinations. Recently, however, this feature has slowed to a snail's pace. I just tested it with Notepad, and it took 13 seconds for it to appear whereas it used to take only about 2 seconds.

    I've run CCleaner, checked for malware, and had a look at my running processes in Task Manager, but can't see what might be the problem. I can't think of any new software added recently, except Bitmeter, which keeps track of my Internet traffic. It's a tiny program and doesn't sound like it should interfere with Windows Search. I'd rather not disable it to see if that makes a difference because I use it to keep track of my monthly accumulated downloads. This is a real puzzle for me and represents the virtual loss of an important feature of my system.

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    See if this is of any assistance:


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