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Thread: Two Issues

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    Two Issues

    Letís discuss the oblivious the hardware first. Trying to save money I purchased and tried refilled ink tanks. I found the black cartridge did not have a chip; so I purchased a manufacturers ink but found the printer would no longer print. It would do a test page and when I tried to print a report, it would be expelled (blank). After three days of fixes I tried the printer with another computer and got the same results. I realized the problem was the ink transfer unit; which I cleaned but still cannot get to work, though colored pictures minus the black cartridge prints does print. Any suggestions?

    The other issue should probably be posted elsewhere but I thought as it appears simple I would try here first. I use Goggle, not chrome but all of a sudden responses come up in Yahoo. My default and everything still lists Goggle I cannot not find an instance of Yahoo anywhere. Thanking you in advance.

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    Welcome to the Lounge!

    As far as ink, if you're going to go with refilled ink tanks, make sure you get them from a reputable dealer. Personally, I wouldn't get my ink tanks refilled at Walgreens, but I probably would buy refilled ink tanks from Office Depot. But that is simply based on my gut feeling, not on any particular evidence.

    I used to refill my black ink tank, but I gave up on it, because of poor results.

    I think you're better off buying new ink cartridges from the printer manufacturer. You'll avoid a lot of printer problems that way.

    I'm unclear what you mean in your 2nd paragraph. Chrome is a Google product. Yet you are using Google but not Chrome? Also, you are at doing Google searches, yet the results come back from Yahoo?

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