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    Info on using or converting Access 2000(mdb) database to Office 7

    I have a database created many years ago in Access 200 (mdb). It is located on our server. Each office computer uses XP and most use Office 2003. I had to upgrade to Office 2007 (latest version I have) on one the principal computer we use. Office 2007 uses Access 2007 which has a different format than mdb. Now can look at my database form but cannot get data to come up. Presume I need to convert mdb to newer format. Am afraid to risk losing my woekeable database in order for it to run properly in Ofc 2007 (Access 2007) Any suggestions as to steps I can take to corect all of this?// Thanks for any help.

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    Welcome to the Lounge as a new poster.

    You should have no problem running .mdb files in Access 2007 as it still supports .mdb along with the newer .accdb file types.
    Make sure you have placed the .mdb file in a "Trusted Location" as defined in the Trust Center on the File tab of the Ribbon. HTH
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