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    Lost Access To D: Drive

    Windows XP operating system is on C: and Programs on D:.
    I recently did Fred Langa's No-reformat, Non-destructive Total Rebuild Option. Since that time I cannot update, change, delete or otherwise manipulate files or folders on my D: drive.
    Everything is set as Read-Only. I have attempted to take ownership of all the folders in Program Files folder, but still no access. I have unchecked "Read Only" on D: drive and Program Files, as well as several folders. Appears to work, but still can't access, and the Read Only boxes show up as "ticked" again. I have tried "attrib -r" from cmd line, to no avail.If I just type "attrib" from cmd line, it only shows the archive attribute. I have googled everything I can think of, but nothing solves the problem. I out of ideas, and I really need some of the programs on my D: drive. Any suggestions?

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    not a power user any more
    so confirm this with someone else

    you may be able to just adjust one registry entry to fix it if you knew where

    i would first do a restore point
    then clone the hard disks before doing anything

    if possible also just save the data to an external usb hd and the c drive separately to a usb hd
    they are dirt cheap these days and make good insurance

    if this is one HD partitioned to c and d then just use a utility to reformat it and reinstall windows

    if it is too separate hds then format d and reinstall it as e

    i woudl try googling the net some more before doing the above
    but if you have the backups and restore points and clone you shoudl be fine to recover if it fails

    if all else fails teh biggies will come out of the woodwork with other answerws while they make fun of this one

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