My wife and I each have Google calendars. We 'share' these with each other and so each is able to view both calendars overlaid. However, I prefer to use Outlook for email and calendar and have had difficulties setting it up. I have successfully synchronised my own Google calendar with Outlook, using a sync program called gsyncit. This works perfectly. I now want to subscribe to my wife's calendar and see this overlayed on mine within Outlook.

Now, here is the problem: I can't 'add' the shared calendar. I have the iCal link from my wife's Google settings. It is in the form https://google........../public/basic.ics. If I add this as the Internet link (even if I use just http instead of https) it does not work. I have even tried using webcal:// instead of https://, but it's makes no difference. (These I have seen as suggestions online). I am either told that it is not a valid address or that 'basic.ics is not a valid Internet calendar file'. I can't see that there is anything wrong with the file, as Outlook is not even checking it, it just doesnt like the file path/name or address.

Does anyone know how I can subscribe to this shared calendar as read only within Outlook?