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    Win8.1 drops Win7-style backup option


    Win8.1 drops Win7-style backup option

    By Fred Langa

    In Windows 8.1, Microsoft dropped Win8.0's "Windows 7 File Recovery" tool and replaced it with new options. Plus: Pros and cons of flash drives as a backup medium, a replacement for the XP version of Norton Ghost, and a cloud backup-service recommendation.

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    You wrote:
    Moving from XP; needs Ghost replacement
    Jay O'Brien worked out a reliable method for backing up his XP systems via Norton Ghost. Now he's moving to Win7 and needs an alternative.

    I use Ghost 15 with Windows 7 Ultimate. When my Panasonic Toughbook hard drive died last year, I put in a new, blank drive. Ran Ghost restore from a USB drive. My laptop booted right up with C: drive and D: [data] drive in perfect working order. The only tweak was using partition software because I went from the OEM 160gb drive to a 500gb drive and wanted the full benefit of the extra storage.

    Ghost 15 is readily available on eBay for under $8.

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