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    Windows 8 expand to full screen -- how to turn off?

    Windows 7 has a method of turning this off.
    How do I do this in Windows 8.1?

    When I open the file explorer, word or excel, I would like to put it on the lift or right side of my screen. When I try, it expands to the full screen, or for excel gets very small.
    In windows 7 this can be controlled.

    F11 does not work, and right clicking on the icon does not work.
    I am not working with a touch screen, only a mouse.
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    Have you tried pressing F11?

    That should work for most programs that aren't using the new UI.

    If it's a program from the new UI I'm not sure if you can.
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    To clarify what Browni has said, Windows 8 has two different versions of IE - desktop IE which looks similar to Windows 7 IE and Modern IE which is devoid of menus (the new Chromeless UI. To always open links in the desktop IE, go to
    Control Panel > Internet Options > Programs tab
    The first section on the Program tab deals with Internet Explorer. Click the drop-down menu and change the entry to read Always in Internet Explorer on the Desktop.
    Note, you can also specify that you want Metro UI tiles to open in IE on the desktop by clicking the check box. When you are finished, click Apply and then OK.


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    It's possible to have more than one screen on 8.1, say a Metro app and the desktop. If you've got a full screen metro app, just swipe to the top left corner then down (with the mouse if you don't have a touch screen). A black sidebar appears with all your running apps on it (including the desktop if you have it running). Just right click on an app icon (e.g. the desktop icon) and select insert left (or right) to see the windows side by side. You can adjust to whatever size you want. You can also have more than two windows as well (but I'm not sure why anyone would want to)>

    Hope this helps

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