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    Onetab frees up to 95 percent of memory in Google Chrome

    Could be useful for memory limited systems.


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    An easier way is just to not open too many tabs at once. At home I often surf on a 13 yo laptop (HP xh545 AthlonIV 975mhz 512 Ram - maxed) and constantly have to be aware of memory intensive apps. Remarkably, I've recently found Chrome to run significatly faster on this antique system than FF which i was a loyal user for a dozen years (ok i know, include Netscape N in that). One tip I've found is to disable all non-essential add ons until needed. They can be easily enabled when the time comes. I just put an extensions shortcut on the bookmarks bar.

    I do love apps and utililties and it's hard not to want to install all the cool ones. But I prefer faster speeds and 1 look at the resource hog chrome can be w a list of extensions running convinced me. (gee how did we ever run @ the blazing speed of 1 mhz?)
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    hi, I looked at this extension and think it could be very useful. At the moment I am not using any extensions in Chrome - one of the reasons is that I am scared by the alert that any of these extensions can "access your tabs and browsing history" and more importantly "access your data on all websites".
    What exactly does that mean. I often run with 8 or more tabs open and this includes some tabs accessing a company website or other confidential stuff. I am not so much concerned that a third party developer could see which bookmarks I use or the name of the site but access to data on these sites? Am I too paranoid?

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