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    The scam that wasnt. Not every phish_looking email is really phishing.

    I am suspicious beyond paranoid when it comes to my pc and email.

    Got a strange email. About being in a class action lawsuit.
    Checked the company name and they look legit.
    It was very long. Printed it to look at it closely.

    Well, it turns out that this really is a class action lawsuit.
    Continued(!) lawsuit amended filing , 9 years after the original filing, which must have been many years after the events they are suing about.

    Still befuddled.
    Finally I see that the WP LLC is actually the washington post company.
    And I had gotten paid for writing for the post a LONG long long time ago.

    Stupid email. I am not eligible to collect because i did not claim in the first filing because i was not covered then. With the amendment i am covered but not eligible because i didnt knwo to claim in the first filing when the post was not included. go figure. you gotta love our logical court system. and why did they send it to me if i am not eligible. whatever.

    long and short is that i might have been eligible to collect about 6 dollars.

    turns out many publishers sold on line rights to databases without owning those rights.
    the net was new and this was just starting to happen and most pubs never thought to originally even think to ask to buy online rights.

    now back to being on guard for actual phishing scams.

    i get about 40 a week saying we are being evicted, or that we need to appear in court.
    they all go right to the trash and get deleted when i reboot.

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    Isn't there a statute of limitations for crap like that.

    I'm paranoid too when it comes to email. Friends and family can be your biggest liability.
    If I get email with just links in them, they're gone in a heartbeat.
    Invest a little time and energy in a well thought out BACKUP regimen and you will have minimal down time, and headache.

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