I am not sure where to put this because it is about OUTLOOK 2000and windows live mail

I have just upgraded to windows 8.1

Before I used XP and OUTLOOK which came with Office 2000, but it will not work in 8.1

So I am using Open Office for now

So I am using Windows Live Mail, I copied all the email settings from my laptop.

I have my own web site and with this came a number of email addresses on which I can still receive emails but not sent them

It will not send emails using my website email address only the ntlworld one

The same settings work OK on the laptop which is still on XP using Outlook 2000

Is there any else I should change to make my web address work?
My website email address was put into Properties / General / Email address

As I see it my laptop sends emails are sent to my website address / then to the addressee / incoming emails go to my website address / then ntlworld.com / the Outlook 2000

As anybody any ideas