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    PROBLEM RESOLVED - Saving html files in Excel 2007 problem

    PROBLEM RESOLVED. I didn't understand the PUBLISH function in the save process.

    I have a few files on my website that are created in Excel 2002. In Excel 2002 I would just save the files as FILENAME.html and be done. Upload the file and it shows perfectly on my site.

    In Excel 2007 though when I go to save the file with an html file extension I get a warning message that says

    ".... may contain features that are incompatible with Web Page"

    and the subsequent choice is to save with features disabled.

    Then when I upload the saved file it can't be found by the browser. I type:

    in the URL window and the browser returns an error message that indicates FILENAME.html should be located in a sub-directory (/FILE) that does not exist.

    When I go back and do the same task in Excel 2002 everything works fine again.

    Is there something I'm missing in the Excel 2007 settings that needs to be changed to make this a simple, straight forward and working save operation once again?

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    Do a quick test and save the file as an html document to your desktop and try opening it via your browser. For example,


    This will rule out if your browser is not capable of opening it. I believe your correct URL should be: although the folder is usually /Files

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