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    Problem with Pivot Table.

    Any body please help me in attached file i have issue in pivot table i want to marge musa and musa(acting) in 1 singal bar or in 1 singal column please guied me whats the formula to marge both fields in 1 column untitled.JPG

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    There is no attached file, just a picture.

    Since this seems to be a pivot chart, I would suggest you go to the source data and add a new column of "merged Names" (or whatever you want to call it). In this you can put the name you want to group in. You can do this manually (since there does not appear to be many names) by auto-filtering on the various Supv names and then filling the mergedName column with the name you want to use. If there are a lot of names, what you could do is create a list of all the names and what the merge name should be (on a separate sheet perhaps) and then use VLookup to get the merged name.

    Once you have the merged name column, you can use this in the pivot chart.

    Post back if you need more details or if I misunderstood your request


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