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    Question Looking for Cordless Phone that can ring when I get cell phone calls

    Hi all,

    I am looking for a cordless phone with bluetooth cell phone pairing. This will let my cell phone ring over the cordless phones around the house.

    I purchased one system, and like the idea, but had two problems:

    1) Couldn't sync my address book to the cordless phones, so dialing was a pain, with my large cell phone address book. (I returned a cordless system because my phone model wasn't compatible.)

    2) Simultaneously pair with two cell phones.

    Question: What happens if two phones are paired, and one person is using the cordless phone connected to the first cell phone. Will calls be able to come in on the second cell phone?

    This one is good, with usb charging and texting, but is missing the above two must-have features.

    A great feature I did like was the "Same as cell" ringtone feature.

    Thanks for your help!
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