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    Can't view Youtube video in Firefox 27.01

    I go to, click on a video, it starts to load into embedded Flash. I get about 1-3 seconds of video then it restarts 3-5 times before finally telling me 'there was an error, please try again.' I have Win7 PRO 64 bit on several machines with same programs on all machines. The one machine that does not work has Virtual XP installed. I've reloaded Flash and FF 27.01 several times. I've tried SAFE mode in FF, and manual disable of add-on's. I tried IE 11 and it failed also. I've checked Mozilla web site and tried all suggestions there. I've also noticed that Microsoft Security Essentials hangs on this same problematic machine during a FULL scan only. Before I completely re-install OS, I wanted to check possibly others having this problem, particularly with the Virtual XP being installed? This problem with YT & FF happens in Win7. I keep the Virtual XP off the web for security. Any suggestions are appreciated.
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