I just got my wife a new computer with Windows 8.1. Having a valid license, I installed Office 2010 and then set up her email for the three different email accounts she has. I also had to import her contacts from her old computer where she had been using Thunderbird.
We changed her email client to Outlook because she also changed phones to a Windows phone and wants to be able to sync everything.
So, the issue is that we have multiple contact lists and as she enters a name in the TO line, many times she does not find a record, even though they are in one of the contact lists.
Another issue she has is that Outlook added different data files for each email address instead of adding them to one file. On my computer with multiple emails, they are all in the same data file. Can I merge them all and then just have folders for the different emails and use rules to send them to the right folder based on which address they are coming in on, which is what my system does? If so, how do I handle that?
Would it be easier to export the emails to a file, then change the settings to a single data file and then import them?
Thanks for the help