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    Getting back Windows 7 Games

    OK, when I bought my new laptop, I opted to go for Windows 8.1, even knowing it was a little sketchy. I didn't want to buy a new computer with a 4 year old operating system. I tried to use the new Metro, or whatever they call it this week, interface but I felt like I was playing that old game where you slide the tiles around to get the numbers or letters in order. I didn't like the fact that everything ran full screen, or half screen, just didn't work very well.

    I switched to Classic Shell, I posted about this earlier, and was much happier. I still had to go over to the other interface when I wanted to, yes, I have to admit this, play Solitaire or FreeCell. Since they don't come with Windows anymore, they have to be downloaded from the Store. I didn't like these versions, they took a while to load, there were 2 splash screens, then I had to wait for the automatic sign in to XBox games, which I had never signed up for, then I could play a game. A lot of times, I will sneak in a game when I am uploading or downloading something, just something to fill the time for a few minutes, but I couldn't see how the background activity was goiing. All in all just unsatisfying.

    I did a Google search and found I could get the old Windows 7 games back by copying them from my old laptop. Here is the link:
    The only thing that is a little scary is downloading the patch program, you get all kinds of warnings, they tell you about that in the story, but it all seemed fine.

    Now I can play a quick game and still see if I got an e-mail or other activities are going on in the background. The games don't look as good but in my opinion, they do play better. Just wanted to share.

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    I managed to find an inferior version of Freecell which works on Windows 8. I will soon get back to the Windows 7 games. Thanks for the tip.

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