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    I got caught! (I think) by malware

    I don't know when or where, probably by my wife, but all of sudden every page I go to opens something that's titled "fast daily find" and just spins in place, blank page. The page I wanted opens in the original tab, but has these pop-ups that say "Zoosk" this or that all over the page. I'm running malwarebytes now, I am protected by Norton 360, manual scans of MSE once a week. and what I now see as WAY too infrequent scans by MalwareBytes.
    If anyone has any info on this, where it came from, how I might have gotten it, and how to get rid of it, I'll be grateful I think I'll get rid of it, but I would like to know how it got here so that 1, I can avoide it in the future, and 2. I can get rid of it when asked, and help the friends and family members who rely on me for their tech support. Thanks very much as always. It does my heart good to know that this forum is here whenever I need an answer, WHATEVER it might be about!
    I love you people!!

    Edit, Dell XPS 8100 8GB RAM 1TB HDD, 2 1TB external HDD, Brother multi-function, HP 1320 Windows 7 home premium
    Last edited by joela44; 2014-03-06 at 20:04. Reason: Left out my configuration, and this "fastdailyfind" is even on THIS page!

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    You should be able to browse normally to download any of the programs listed in the removal guide by opening IE without add-ons then clicking on the Home page icon and the tutorial explains how you probably ended up with it.

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    Sorry for the trouble. This must be a PUP or Potentially Unwanted Program.

    Can you go to the Extensions or Add-Ons list in your browser and see whether there is an entry for it. If so, please remove it.

    Also, go to Control Panel > Programs & Features and see whether there is an entry for it and remove if there is one.

    Let me know if that helps!


    Norton Support

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