Hi all,

I have set the control source property of a textbox (actually 31 of them) to 31 different cells on a worksheet. The linked cell has a formula in it, in "D65":

<pre>=IF(D64=0," - -",IF($A$99="Total",VLOOKUP(D64,MATRIX,2),VLOOKUP(D 64,MATRIX,2)-(D99)))

Theoretically, when entering data in one textbox, I wish to update the value in the other textbox. Textbox "A" is linked to range ("D64"); Textbox "B" is linked to the cell containing the formula - range ("D65"). By setting the control source property of Textbox "B" to the cell which calculates the value based upon the entry in Textbox "A", I find that after the first update, the contents of the linked cell (previously the formula above) has been replaced with the resulting value which makes any future updated value returned as a result of the formula impossible.

Logically, this is correct, however I do not know if I am making any sense. (Insert Smilie for flapping lips together with forefinger here please)

Is there some other way to update the value in one textbox as a result of the input in another by calling a custom formula? Or altering the syntax of the control source property in the properties dialog?

This is what I have for an alternative so far:

<pre>Private Sub TextBox29_AfterUpdate()
On Error Resume Next
TextBox36.Value = ThisWorkbook.Sheets("Salesrecord").Range("D65").Va lue
End Sub

This works great, except I have to do it 31 times with 31 different textboxes and I worry that it will unnecessarily add to the size and calc speed when using the form. <img src=/S/hairout.gif border=0 alt=hairout width=31 height=23>