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    wireless adapter

    I am looking for a decent wireless adapter for when I help my friends update their XP machines to Windows 7
    --- I just want to have something handy to connect to the internet in case there’s a failed driver issue
    --- I will be using whatever I buy on each computer I get to work on and right now I’m going to have to do 4 XP’s at the non-profit organization I volunteer at
    --- If anyone has a better recommendation, I’ll certainly consider that

    This looks like it could meet my needs but I wondering about it’s usage
    150Mbps Mini USB WiFi Wireless Adapter Laptop Network LAN Card 802.11n/g/b
    Supported Wireless Protocols Wi-Fi 802.11b

    The part description looks to me like it supports 802.11n/g/b
    But the supported wireless protocols shows its Wi-Fi 802.11b and that looks like a limitation to me and I want to buy a unit with expected performance.

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    As you only want to use it to download required drivers, you do not need speed. Once the LAN driver is installed you can switch to cable for speed.

    cheers, Paul

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    802.11b only supported 11Mbps and 802.11g only supported 54 Mbit/s, so if the adapter is said to support 150Mbps, it must support 802.11n, which is also stated in the ad. I would think the reference to 802.11b is just a mistake.

    I guess it has been years since hardware only supported 802.11b - actually owned an access point and a card that only supported 802.11b, as there was nothing else available, at the time. Both provided great service .

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