* New XP -> Windows Home Premium upgrade
* Primary Administrator user, T, created during custom install {note: user names show here are not actual names but are aliases}
* XP sole user renamed, D, during Windows Easy Transfer import (system created this as Administrator)
* All 136 updates installed while logged in as user T
* New user, J, created (Standard User) while logged in as T
* All these users show on login screen and all can be logged into. C:\Users contains directories for D, J, Public, and T.
* Control Panel\User Accounts and Family Safety\User Accounts\Manage Accounts shows an empty "Select Account" box (regardless logged on user)
* An attempt to change User D to Standard User (while logged on as D) results in a message
"You must assign another user on this computer to have an administrator account before you can change this user's account type." and will not change the user type.
* in elevated CMD window "net user" returns five users: Administrator, D, Guest, J, and T. I've set Administrator & Guest to /active:no and D & J & T to /active:yes.

Question: How do I get the "Select Account" box to show all installed accounts and allow Administrators to manage them?